Familoop Safeguard

Familoop Safeguard 2.0.3976

Smart Parental Control Software to protect and manage online activities of kids

Smart Parental Control Software to protect and manage online activities of kids

Familoop Safeguard is a superior parental control software for a complete picture of all the digital friends, interests, intents of those parents care about most that is designed to identify threats and resolve them in a timely manner. It is easy to setup, connects to 15+ social networks automatically, without login and password of a child, shows the whole story of conversations with any particular person regardless of the used devices and the communication type, alerts about dangerous searches of a child and offers parental advices on potential issues like cyberbullying, sexting and more.

Filtering & Blocking

Website Filtering & Blocking

Social Network Blocking

Intstant Messages/Chat Blocking

Online Search Filtering

Application Blocking

Game limits

Sceentime limits

Calls & Messages Blocking

Supervision Capabilities

Websites Visited

Online Searches

Usernames & Passwords

Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Badoo, AIM)

Email (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotspot)

Chats/ Messengers (Skype, Yahoo! Meggenger, Hangouts)

Video Sharing Web Sites (YouTube, Vimeo)

Photo Sharing Web Sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr)

Comments on websites

Virtual words

Phone Calls

Text Messages

Location Tracking

Apps Used

Device Time

Installation & Management

Web Dashboard

Remote Management

Age-based templates of protection rules

Customizable protection rules

Need to install an agent on kid’s device

Multiple Users & Devices

Activity Reports

Emergency Alerts

Actionable Insights & Parenting Advices

Trusted VIP contacts

Familoop Safeguard is unique to keep track of a child conversations in social networks, instant messengers including Skype, emails, phone calls and merge all the conversations with a single person into one place.

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Familoop Safeguard

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Familoop Safeguard 2.0.3976

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